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Trump vs Cruz

Ted Cruz coined a new word while responding to Trump's latest accusations

Ted Cruz brushed off Donald Trump's accusations that he "illegally stole" his Iowa win Wednesday afternoon, dubbing Trump's comments just another "Trumpertantrum."

"It seems his reaction to everything is to throw a fit," Cruz told reporters. "Donald finds it very hard to lose. He finds it very difficult for him... Donald Trump was guaranteed a victory in Iowa, and he lost. And he doesn't like that. He skipped the debate. It makes you wonder if he'll accuse the people of New Hampshire of being stupid."

Trump has proposed that, "based on the fraud committed by Senator Ted Cruz during the Iowa caucus," there should either be another election or Cruz's win should be "nullified." His accusations likely stem from an email circulated by Cruz's campaign that seemingly implied Ben Carson was dropping out of the race, a move that some say could have diverted votes from Carson to Cruz.