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This Muslim student was misidentified as 'Isis' in her high school yearbook

Bayan Zehlif, a Muslim student at Los Osos High School in Rancho Cucamonga, California, was surprised to open her yearbook and find herself identified as "Isis Phillips," the Los Angeles Times reports.

"I am extremely saddened, disgusted, hurt, and embarrassed that the Los Osos High School yearbook was able to get away with this,” Zehlif wrote Friday on Facebook. "Apparently, I am 'Isis' in the yearbook. The school reached out to me and had the audacity to say that this was a typo. I beg to differ, let's be real."

Officials asked students to return their yearbooks, and are working on getting Zehlif's name fixed in a new version. The superintendent presiding over Los Osos High School called the Islamic State reference a "regrettable incident."