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Joe Biden vows to continue his hunt for a cancer cure — even under a President Trump

Vice President Joe Biden will not be continuing his "cancer moonshot" initiative from within a Hillary Clinton administration if she wins the White House, STAT reports. Despite Clinton recently vowing to "carry out the mission the vice president has set," Biden clarified he would do so from "the outside."

"I'm not going to stay on in the administration. What Hillary talked about is, as I understood it, me being able to have the same authority over elements of her administration from the outside that I have now from the inside, to be able to coordinate those efforts," Biden said.

Biden's cancer moonshot initiative intends to advance cancer research by 10 years over the course of the next five. "I'm going to stay involved in this effort as long as I'm alive," Biden said. "So I'm going to stay engaged. Exactly how, I don't know yet." Biden is personally motivated, too; his son died of brain cancer in the spring of 2015. But even if Clinton doesn't win the White House, Biden said he hopes Republicans would support the research.

"I would hope [Trump] would bring, attract, out of just pure patriotic necessity, some very good minds to let him know that there is a lot of money we're spending in the federal government, billions of dollars on medical research and there is a consensus," Biden said, adding, "I don't think he's that crazy. We can afford all this."