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The second 2016 presidential debate

This debate audience member experienced a flood of emotions when Trump called Clinton 'the devil'

Looking to woo undecided voters, Donald Trump likely came into Sunday night's debate with a long to-do list, including but not limited to: Don't offend or insult women, try to appeal to Bernie Sanders fans, and refrain from saying something that causes an audience member to raise her eyebrows, bug her eyes out, and roll her neck.

He didn't succeed. The debate's audience was comprised of undecided voters, and about halfway through the event, Trump accused Hillary Clinton of running a dirty campaign, essentially stealing the primary from Sanders. The senator from Vermont has endorsed Clinton, and Trump remarked, "I was surprised to see him sign up with the devil." That caused a roller coaster of emotions for one woman in the audience, who went from confused to surprised to "oh no you didn't" in just a few moments. Imagine if she ever found herself listening to his talk in the locker room.