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New Trump accuser comes forward as Trump threatens to sue

An 11th woman accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct Saturday just hours after he said in his "first 100 days" speech in Pennsylvania that he will sue his accusers following Election Day.

The accuser, an adult film star named Jessica Drake, says when she met Trump with several friends, "He grabbed each of us tightly in a hug and kissed each one of us without asking permission." Drake also says Trump later called her and offered $10,000 and a plane ride for sex, which she refused. The Trump campaign categorically denied her account, calling it "totally false and ridiculous."

Earlier on Saturday, Trump had reiterated his position that all the accusers are politically-motivated liars. "Every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign," he said at his Gettysburg event. "Total fabrication. The events never happened. Never. All of these liars will be sued after the election is over."