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Clinton lost Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin by fewer people than live in all of Guam

Hillary Clinton's "blue wall" of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania crumbled to Donald Trump in the early morning hours Wednesday, and the states' combined 46 electoral college votes helped finish off Clinton's White House hopes once and for all. (Michigan's 16 electoral votes haven't yet officially been called for Trump, but he is all but certain to win the state.)

But while those 46 votes proved insurmountable for Clinton in terms of electoral math, consider this: Clinton actually lost to Trump by only 107,330 individual votes in all three states combined.

To put exactly how small that number is in perspective, 107,330 people...

In addition to Michigan, the races in Arizona and New Hampshire have not been officially called yet. But when all three are taken into account, Trump won the election with 306 electoral college votes to Clinton's 232.