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The American and Chinese militaries are 'appropriately handling' the underwater drone seizure

After an American underwater drone was captured by a Chinese warship in international waters in the South China Sea on Thursday, the two countries' militaries are working together to peacefully address the seizure. "It is understood that China and the United States are using military channels to appropriately handle this issue," said a statement from China's Foreign Ministry, and Chinese state media announced a "smooth resolution" is expected, Reuters reports.

The Pentagon noted Friday that the craft, used to gather oceanographic information, contains only commercially available technology. Still, said a Pentagon representative, "it is clearly marked as ours and we would like it back. And we would like this not to happen again."

Following President-elect Donald Trump's typo-marred tweet Saturday morning accusing China of stealing the drone, the Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a second statement saying the U.S. is "hyping up" the situation in an "unhelpful" manner and reiterating that the drone will be returned in an "appropriate manner."

The South China Sea is a disputed body of water; while the United States insists it is international waters, China has asserted ownership over the area. The second statement registered China's objections to U.S. activity and surveillance in this sea.

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