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'your outrage seems selective'

Fox News' Tucker Carlson pans proposal to 'shun' Kellyanne Conway because 'the last administration lied a lot too'

On his show Tuesday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson tried to get to the bottom of why Elite Daily senior politics writer John Haltiwanger might find President Trump aide Kellyanne Conway "uniquely reprehensible." Haltiwanger, echoing an argument outlined by New York University journalism professor Jay Rosen, personally believes the media should "shun" Conway for spreading "blatant lies" that he said muddy the national dialogue.

While Haltiwanger contended Conway disrupts debates by making statements "easily contradicted" by Trump, thus causing "more confusion about the Trump world," Carlson argued closing Conway out of the conversation would basically be shutting the door on discourse. "We don't agree on the basic facts about a lot of different things. I mean, that's part of what discourse is, it's arguing over what the facts are," Carlson said. "And of course, you're not going to reach a place of agreement if you don't talk at all."

Carlson then pointed out that lying isn't exactly "unique" to Trump's administration, or to Conway in particular. "The last administration lied a lot too," Carlson said. "And your outrage seems selective."

Watch the full exchange below. Becca Stanek

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