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New poll finds the Trump administration is seen as more truthful than the media

A recent poll concluded that President Trump's administration is considered to be more truthful than the media.

In a poll conducted by Emerson College and published Tuesday, 49 percent of registered voters deemed the new administration — which has come under fire for recent untrue facts and statements — truthful, whereas just 48 percent said it was untruthful. There is a clear partisan split among respondents, however: Nearly 90 percent of Republicans said the Trump White House is "truthful," while 77 percent of Democrats said the opposite.

Meanwhile, just 39 percent of respondents said the media — dubbed the "opposition party" by Trump's White House — is truthful, while 53 percent said the media is dishonest. Sixty-nine percent of Democrats said they trusted the media, compared to the 91 percent of Republicans who labeled it as untruthful. Independents said both the news and the administration are untruthful, with 52 percent distrusting the Trump administration and 47 percent distrusting the media.

The poll surveyed 617 voters over the phone from Feb. 5-6 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.9 percentage points.