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Trump rages against 'FAKE NEWS media,' 'low-life leakers,' and 'discredited Democrats' in morning tweet storm

In a series of tweets Thursday morning, President Trump combined a few of his favorite talking points: his huge win in the presidential election, fake news, and leaks. Trump, apparently still seething over The New York Times' report that his campaign aides were repeatedly in contact with senior Russian intelligence officials, started out by demanding an apology from the "failing" newspaper, and slamming the "low-life leakers" responsible for passing the information along:

Then, he brought the Democratic Party into it. Still raging about the "FAKE NEWS media, which makes up stories and 'sources,'" Trump tweeted that at least the media is "more effective" than the "discredited Democrats":

Trump claimed the stories emerging about his aides' alleged contact with Russia were fabricated by Democrats, who are still reeling from their loss in the presidential election that he won with "(306)" electoral votes. The reports are nothing but "fake news!" Trump insisted — just like "any negative polls." Becca Stanek