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A picture of Hillary Clinton reading about Mike Pence's private email use has gone viral

A Snapchat image showing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reading a headline about Vice President Mike Pence's use of a private email address for government business has gone viral. The photo was taken by a passenger on Clinton's Boston to New York flight Friday; she can be seen glancing at a newspaper that reads, "Pence used personal email in office" as governor of Indiana.

This is all newsworthy, of course, because Pence was elected as part of a campaign that repeatedly and emphatically condemned Clinton's use of a private email server while at the State Department. Donald Trump "and I commend the FBI for reopening an investigation into Clinton's personal email server because no one is above the law," Pence tweeted in October.

The circumstances surrounding each politician's private email use are not identical. ABC News enumerates five key differences, including Pence's lack of access to classified materials and the apparent greater ease with which his records have been retrieved. One point in Clinton's favor is that there is no evidence her server was hacked, though a Washington Post report Friday evening called into question the charge that Pence's AOL account was compromised, noting that a spam email apparently using his address could have been sent without any breach of Pence's email.