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Israel, Saudi Arabia praise U.S. strike against Syria, while Iran, Russia condemn it

Saudi Arabia called President Trump's decision to order a strike against a Syrian airfield "courageous," but its foe Iran had the opposite reaction, condemning the strike and saying the "unilateral action is dangerous, destructive, and violates the principles of international law."

Iran is one of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's allies, and its Revolutionary Guard soldiers are major players in Syria's civil war. The strike was in retaliation for the chemical attack that killed dozens of people Tuesday in Idlib, Syria, which the U.S. says was carried out by the Assad regime. Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said Iran did not support a strike in response to the attack, "regardless of the perpetrators and the victims," as it will only "strengthen terrorists" and add to "the complexity of the situation in Syria and the region."

Konstantin Kosachev, chairman of the Russian parliament's international affairs committee, told Russian media the strike meant there was no longer the prospect of the U.S. and Moscow starting a coalition to fight terror, and it's possible the Pentagon pressured Trump into ordering the operation. "It's a pity," Kosachev said.

Saudi Arabia said the strike was the correct response to "the crimes of this regime to its people in light of the failure of the international community to stop it," while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared his "full and unequivocal" support and his hope this sends a "clear message" that will "reverberate not only in Damascus but also in Tehran, Pyongyang, and other places." Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced his government's backing of the strike, a "swift and just response" that was "calibrated, proportionate, and targeted" and sends a "strong message to the Assad regime."