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Joe Scarborough likens Trump's NATO speech to a 'love note to Vladimir Putin'

Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough on Friday criticized President Trump for spending his NATO speech Thursday scolding leaders for not paying enough for their collective defense. Trump, speaking at NATO's headquarters in Brussels, chastised members for "not paying what they should be paying" and issued a reminder that some still owe "massive amounts." NATO leaders could be seen smirking and exchanging looks during Trump's lecture.

While Scarborough agreed that member nations "should carry their load," he wasn't a fan of how Trump delivered that message. "Do not call them out," Scarborough said. "When you have, the entire world is watching and most importantly [Russian President] Vladimir Putin is watching. It seemed like yesterday was his love note to Vladimir Putin. It really did. By, first of all, attacking the allies and then by not moving forward and saying that they were going to do what we've always done and defend any country that was attacked."

Watch Scarborough critique Trump's speech below. Becca Stanek