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ISIS claims responsibility for Tehran attacks, entering new territory

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for twin attacks in Tehran on Wednesday, in which two groups of attackers hit the shrine of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, founder of the Islamic republic, and Iran's parliament, or Majlis. Up to seven people have been killed in the attacks, the Tasmin news agency said, and the attackers are still holed up in parliament, possibly with a handful of hostages. After holding a relatively normal session of parliament, and taking selfies to show they were okay, lawmakers have been escorted from the building by security forces, BBC News reports.

ISIS, a Sunni extremist group, provided no proof of responsibility and some of its past claims have been dubious, but if the group really did carry out the attack on the Shiite nation, it would be a first for ISIS. The streets around parliament are "under full control" by security forces, Iranian lawmaker Mojtaba Zonnour tells the Mehr news agency. "The security forces want to take the attackers alive so that they can find out who is behind the incident,” Zonnour told Mehr. The Associated Press reports that attackers inside parliament are shooting at people on the street, and government snipers are shooting at the assailants. Iran's Press TV posted some video.

One suicide bomber exploded his vest on the fourth floor of parliament, according to some media reports, and at least one suicide bomber hit the ayatollah's shrine, killing a security guard. The Iranian Intelligence Ministry says a "terrorist team" was prevented from carrying out a third attack, Reuters reports. Richard Haass, president of the Council of Foreign Relations, offered some unsolicited advice for President Trump on Wednesday morning: "Condemnation of terrorism cannot be selective if it is to have meaning. Must condemn it in Tehran as well as in Europe."