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Former Trump staffers A.J. Delgado and Jason Miller welcome a baby

Two of President Trump's former staffers — Jason Miller, a chief campaign spokesman and almost White House communications director, and A.J. Delgado, a transition adviser — have confirmed in two very different ways that they are the parents of a new baby boy.

Miller went to Page Six to reveal the news, and Delgado reacted to the story hours later on Twitter. Speaking to Page Six's Emily Smith, Miller, who is married (not to Delgado), said his wife and two daughters — including one born in January — are all "excited to welcome William into the world and into our family, and we appreciate the well wishes we've received from so many." Smith says several people told her Miller and Delgado stopped talking when Delgado discovered she was pregnant, and they are only speaking through their lawyers. Smith also said Delgado wouldn't respond to phone calls and has been under the radar since she "disappeared" to Florida.

In December, Miller accepted and then quickly turned down the White House communications director position, after Delgado tweeted, "Congratulations to the baby-daddy on being named WH Comms Director!" On Tuesday, Delgado announced on Twitter that her son William was born July 10, and while she did talk about bonding with the baby and gifts she's received from famous conservatives (Sean Hannity gave her a box full of Tiffany items), she said nothing about the father. After the Page Six article was published, though, she started talking, refuting Smith's claim that she tried to reach her for comment and revealing that "the father and I were dating for two months" and he'd claimed "he was separated from his wife ... and had been since June."

Delgado went on to say she wasn't "sure what Jason means that he and his wife are excited to welcome Will. Really? News to me. Let me shut up before I say more..." A few minutes later, Delgado said that this isn't the last the world will hear about her relationship with Miller. "Wasn't my choice to discuss this but since Jason went to Page Six, I guess I now have to share. Story to [The Atlantic's] McKay Coppins. Stay tuned." Trump hasn't responded to the news, but since it has briefly taken attention away from North Korea and pre-dawn FBI raids and multiple Russia investigations, he should probably send over a box of Trump-branded bottles and onesies.