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Two courts rejected Trump's request to stop transgender military recruitment next year

A federal appeals court on Friday became the second court this week to rule against the Trump administration's plan to stop transgender people from joining the military beginning on Jan. 1, 2018.

Both courts rejected the administration's request to override a previous court order to stay Trump's transgender recruitment policy. It must be remembered, Friday's decision said, that all transgender recruits "seek during this litigation is to serve their nation with honor and dignity, volunteering to face extreme hardships, to endure lengthy deployments and separation from family and friends, and to willingly make the ultimate sacrifice of their lives if necessary to protect the nation, the people of the United States, and the Constitution against all who would attack them."

The ruling also said the White House has "not shown a strong likelihood that they will succeed on the merits of their challenge." The Jan. 1 deadline was already a delay from the Obama administration's July 1 deadline for the military to begin accepting openly transgender recruits. The Trump administration argues neither deadline will permit the military to make necessary preparations for the change.