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Elizabeth Warren has more money for 2020 than any other senator

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is sitting on a mountain of campaign cash for 2020, Politico reports, which is larger than any other senatorial war chest at this distance from Election Day. Warren presently has $12.8 million banked, a near-record for a senator at this point in the campaign.

Warren's aggressive fundraising — plus a busy schedule of meetings with constituents and prominent figures including former President Obama — has fueled ongoing speculation that her 2020 plans may aim higher than the Senate. She reportedly has staffers searching for personal vulnerabilities that could serve as attack ad fodder, and she published what is arguably a campaign book this past April.

This posturing puts Warren in an elite group of serious contenders for the 2020 Democratic nod that also includes Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and former Vice President Joe Biden. Of the three, Warren is the youngest and the only woman.

"The stuff that Trump is focused on, a lot of it is big breaks to big corporations and the banks and others, and that's in her sweet spot, that's why she was elected, it's what she cares about," Democratic strategist and 2012 Warren campaign staffer Doug Rubin told Politico. "So you may see more of her, just because this stuff is out there."