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Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word

Trump kind of apologizes to Piers Morgan, Britain for retweeting videos from 'horrible, racist' Britain First

After President Trump retweeted four anti-Muslim videos from the deputy leader of far-right group Britain First in November, the White House shrugged when told the videos were misleading or fake. And when British Prime Minister Theresa May mildly rebuked Trump for the retweets, he told her over Twitter to mind her own business. In Davos, Switzerland, on Thursday, Piers Morgan asked Trump if he would be willing to apologize for the Britain First retweets, explaining that it "would go a long way" in boosting his image in Britain. Trump offered a pretty conditional apology.

"Here's what's fair," Trump told Morgan, a friend since Morgan won Celebrity Apprentice in 2008. "If you're telling me they're horrible people, horrible, racist people, I would certainly apologize if you would like me to do that. I know nothing about them." ”You would disavow yourself of people like that?” Morgan asked. "I don't want to be involved with [these] people, but you're telling me about these people because I know nothing about these people," Trump said. "Thank you, Mr. President," Morgan said. "It means a lot to people in Britain."

Earlier, Trump explained why he retweeted videos from a group of horrible, racist people he knew nothing about. "It was done because I'm a big believer in fighting radical Islamic terror," he said. "This was a depiction of radical Islamic terror." Morgan pointed out that they were "unverified videos," at least one of them debunked. "Well, they are, but I didn't do it, I didn't go out and — I did a retweet," Trump said. "It was a big story where you are but it was not a big story where I am."