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The NRA's Dana Loesch claims that 'many in legacy media love mass shootings' because 'crying white mothers' are good for ratings

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch on Thursday attacked the "legacy media" for supposedly profiting off of mass shootings.

Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland, Loesch warned her crowd she was going to make "controversial" remarks. She then stooped over the microphone and spoke slowly, pausing in between each word: "Many in legacy media love mass shootings." As the crowd applauded, Loesch looked directly at the journalists in the back of the room and said, "You guys love it."

"Now I'm not saying that you love the tragedy," she continued, "but I am saying you love the ratings." She added: "Crying white mothers are ratings gold to you." Loesch noted that her choice to highlight "crying white mothers" was intentional, because "there are thousands of grieving black mothers in Chicago every weekend and you don't see town halls for them, do you?" Loesch on Wednesday night attended a CNN town hall with the survivors of the high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, where 17 people were killed by a teenager with a semiautomatic rifle.

"Where's the CNN town hall for Chicago? Where's the CNN town hall for sanctuary cities?" she asked. Watch her remarks (which start at 0:20) below. Kelly O'Meara Morales