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Trump proposes making his border wall a military project because the Pentagon has a lot of money

President Trump in a series of tweets Sunday morning cast his border wall proposal as an issue of national security and suggested the military be involved in its construction because the Defense Department is flush with cash thanks to its 2018 and 2019 budgets:

Trump made similar, though less explicit, comments Friday. "National defense is a very important two words," he said, "because by having a strong border system, including a wall, we are in a position militarily that is very advantageous."

In an earlier post Sunday referencing the supermarket attack in France this past week, the president intimated he specifically thinks the Islamic State is the source of the "enemy combatants pouring into our Country." And in a follow-up tweet, Trump said work on the wall "will start immediately." In reality, the $1.6 billion allotted to border barriers in the omnibus spending bill is only for maintenance and planning purposes, not new construction.