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not a california!!!

Fox News really, really hates California

Fox News continued its crusade against the entire state of California on Tuesday with a segment on why residents of the Golden State should get out while they still can. The segment stemmed from an article published Monday by former California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore (R), who declared: "California isn't the future, rather, it's what America's 2016 election of Donald Trump saved the nation from becoming."

Appearing on Fox & Friends on Tuesday, DeVore pelted the state with claims like "California is not a utopia" and noted that it has "the nation's highest poverty rate because of the crushing regulations and taxes."

There is a happy end to the story, at least. "We were able to move to Texas," DeVore said, "and we have a far better quality of life in the state of Texas." The host, Ainsley Earhardt, then invented a blistering new insult by asking DeVore: "Why do you think the president has saved the country from becoming a California?"

Californians, cover your ears. Everyone else, watch below. Jeva Lange