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GOP chair of House Armed Services Committee doesn't think Trump should leave Iran deal

The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-Texas), said on Fox News Sunday he would "counsel against" President Trump leaving the Iran nuclear deal.

By May 12, Trump must decide whether or not to reimpose sanctions against Iran. The Obama administration signed the deal with Iran in 2015, and current White House officials say it doesn't do anything about Tehran's ballistic missile program and won't keep Iran from rebuilding its nuclear program when certain provisions expire.

"I thought it was a bad deal," Thornberry said. "But the key question is, okay, what happens next if the U.S. pulls out? Does Iran kick out those inspectors so we lose the visibility we have?" Trump must work with European officials to strengthen the accord, not just walk away, he added. "The Europeans are not going to reimpose sanctions so where does that leave us and Iran?" Thornberry said.