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A State Department official is scouring staffers' social media accounts for signs of disloyalty to Trump

State Department staffers are growing wary as their dedication to President Trump's agenda is scrutinized.

A top adviser in the State Department is reviewing social media pages, "making lists and gathering intel" on staffers to determine just how loyal they are to Trump, Foreign Policy reported Wednesday.

Mari Stull, who was appointed two months ago, is reportedly creating "chaos and dysfunction" at the State Department, after she quickly gained control and began vetting her fellow staffers. She has reportedly been investigating which officials approved Obama-era policies and has reached out to the World Health Organization and the United Nations to figure out which diplomats were hired by whom.

Stull has been eliminating all references to "international law" and "international order" from memos and official documents, all of which she demands to review before approving their release. She has also kept career officials out of some key meetings and declined to brief them afterward.

The State Department didn't respond to these claims from staffers, instead telling Foreign Policy that Stull is "committed to President Trump's vision of strong American leadership on the world stage" and emphasizing that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has thrown his "full support" behind career staff and leadership at the agency.