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Cory Booker has a brother named Cary Booker

A couple named Cary and Carolyn Booker having a son named Cary is believable, if a bit of a tongue twister.

But consider this: They have a second son, who is not a twin, but they still name him Cory Booker. The same Cory Booker who went on to become the mayor of Newark, New Jersey, a Democratic U.S. senator, and an eventual candidate for the 2020 presidential race.

Oh, and did we mention Cary and Cory look identical?

This truly incomprehensible news started swirling when Booker announced his candidacy Friday morning, at the start of Black History Month. Though it's not exactly news, since this whole Cory conundrum started when Cary Sr. and Carolyn — two of the first black employees and eventual executives at IBM — had Cory 49 years ago.

Cory and Cary are still close today, as displayed by the tweet above and this sweet 2016 birthday message. Nowadays, the senator also spends a lot of time hanging out with Cary's daughter, who is thankfully named Zelah.