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Seth Meyers mocks 'lunatics' on Fox News and their plans to stop mass shootings

Seth Meyers has been tuning into Fox News, and is not a fan of the things he's been hearing.

On Wednesday's Late Night, Meyers first took President Trump to task for refusing to take responsibility for the "fact that he spent his campaign and presidency constantly repeating vile, racist, dehumanizing language about immigrants and riling up his crowds with paranoid fantasies of invading caravans." He then turned his attention to Fox News hosts and guests, who have been supporting Trump's rhetoric and coming up with all sorts of ways to avoid having to enact common-sense gun safety measures.

First, there was Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), who appeared on Fox News Tuesday and said he won't stand for regulating military-style assault weapons because "they are extremely popular." "You won't ban them because they're popular?" Meyers said. "You know what else is popular? Drugs. Like, all the drugs. They're all popular. Are you in favor of making all drugs legal, too?"

Meyers then mocked Fox News host Sean Hannity, who shared his plan for stopping mass shootings: have retired police, Secret Service agents, and military members guard the perimeters of schools, then have an "armed guard on every floor of every school." That will also work at the mall, with armed guards in "every hall." This, Meyers said, is "insane. These lunatics want us to live in a police state where we're surrounded by armed guards and metal detectors because they won't give up their stupid assault weapons or hunting rifles." Watch the video below. Catherine Garcia