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Fox News' Sean Hannity is sticking up for Chris Cuomo

Fox News' Sean Hannity offered a passionate defense of CNN's Chris Cuomo on Tuesday night in a rare segment likely to upset President Trump.

The Fox News host defended Cuomo after a viral video showed the CNN host ranting at a man who confronted him at a bar and called him Fredo while he was with his family, with Cuomo later apologizing for losing his cool. But on his Tuesday show, Hannity argued that was a mistake and he never should have apologized.

"I don't support harassment of any public figure, especially in front of their children and their family and their wife," Hannity said, Mediaite reports. "...Chris has a right to defend himself."

Hannity went on to blast the "phony" anger over the foul language Cuomo used, saying "we've all heard those words before" and "anyone feigning outrage" is "probably full of it."

One of those people who Hannity was inadvertently calling "full of it" was Trump himself, who on Tuesday had blasted Cuomo because "his language was horrible" and tweeting about "his lunatic ranting, raving, & cursing." Trump had also slammed conservatives who were coming to Cuomo's defense as Hannity stuck up for Cuomo on Twitter and his radio show, with the president writing, "We never learn!" Based on this tweet, Hannity may very well soon be on the receiving end of an angry presidential phone call.