We all have our nights.

Subsequently, we all have hangovers the next day. It's not worth trying to figure out what caused it: It may have been your over-eager sampling of your own infused booze, your fourth whiskey sour of the night, or excessive Spring Break celebrations.

At this point, you're only focused on how to feel better — ideally without exposing yourself to the outside world. Instead of dragging yourself out of your house and spending more money (a lose-lose, and, besides, you're in no shape to be at brunch right now), nourish yourself during a hangover with foods that require minimal effort to prepare. (The catch: You'll need to at least have bread, eggs, and milk in your kitchen, so always be prepared.)

Make one of the recipes below, then lay in bed moaning and watching Netflix until the late afternoon, just as it was meant to be.

Breakfast burritos

You won't want to follow a recipe, so go ahead and internalize how to make any burrito in five steps. The next time you've had a rough night, you can stumble straight out of bed and go to town on your fridge leftovers — swap scrambled eggs in place of the rice. If you're a vegan lush, use scrambled tofu and tempeh bacon instead.

Fried egg sandwiches

Nothing beats a sublime breakfast sandwich after a long night out. Start with a perfectly fried egg (we won't fault you if it's a little less than perfect this morning), then stick it between whatever bread product you have in the house. If you're feeling ambitious, pair it with cheddar and greens or serve it open-faced with tomatoes and garlic.


If I had telekinetic powers, I would waste them away by getting bagels sent directly to my bed. The next best thing is to make a batch of bagels one ambitious weekend day and keep them in your freezer for emergencies.

French toast

If you often get the sweetest thing on the menu during brunch, this French toast is a perfect option for a hard morning. Pancakes and baked goods require far too much effort, but French toast can be prepared almost instantly.

A Bloody Mary

Sometimes the only cure is a fresh drink.

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