Michael Bay knows what you want. Yes, the Super Bowl commercial for Transformers: Age of Extinction gives us a few shots of Mark Wahlberg, who is taking over the franchise from Shia LaBeouf. But the 30-second glimpse of the upcoming blockbuster dispenses with our new protagonist as quickly as possible in favor of the real draw for Trans4mers: robot dinosaurs.

Yes, we have entered the Dinobot era of the Transformers franchise — and it is every bit as ridiculous as it sounds. "Oh, you like Bumblebee?" asks the commercial. "Then what do you think about a two-headed robo-pterodactyl that's trying to eat him? Sure, Optimus Prime is pretty cool. But what about Optimus Prime, holding a sword, riding the back of a robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex?"

Truly, these are ideas that could only have been conceived by a second grader on a juice box binge. But Michael Bay has boldly taken robo-dinosaurs, which are generally seen as doodles in the margins of elementary-school math textbooks, and thrown them into a $165 million summer blockbuster. Will audiences respond to his gleefully insane more-is-more approach? We'll find out when Transformers: Age of Extinction hits theaters in June.