Shakira and Rihanna's new duet "Can't Remember to Forget You" is hardly the most popular song released by either artist yet. But if the song itself isn't enough to generate a bunch of downloads, maybe this new, NSFW-ish music video will do the job.

The video opens with a pan over a gorgeous blue shoreline, but don't be fooled — the video spends a lot more time on the song's gorgeous singers. "I keep forgetting I should let you go," sings Shakira as she transitions through a variety of outfits that include a wiry black bathing suit, a stringy red dress, and, in one case, nothing at all.

Rihanna joins Shakira after the chorus, and the duo spend the rest of the video singing and lounging around with cigars in hand, as absurdly famous, absurdly wealthy people are wont to do. "I'd rob and I'd kill to keep him with me, I'd do anything for that boy," they sing as they writhe around on a bed. (The boy in question never actually shows up, so they're stuck with each other instead.)

Will Shakira and Rihanna's shamelessly pandering video help the song reach top of the charts? It was posted to YouTube less than a day ago, and it already has well over four million views — so yeah, we'd say they're on their way.