Vespa 946


"This is not your papa's proletarian Vespa," said Benjamin Preston at The New York Times. A more stylish version of the Italian scooter known for its timeless style, the all-new 946 also packs a smoother transmission, traction control, and meaty anti-lock brakes.

Dolce & Gabbana Crown

(Facebook/Dolce & Gabbana)

"Modern medieval" rules the night with this gold-plated filigree crown, adorned with glass mosaics and Swarovski crystals. Pop singer Katy Perry wore one to this year's Met Gala.
$4,150, call (877) 703-4872 for details

Pacified by Kalfin

(Facebook/Kalfin Jewellery)

Kalfin's sterling silver pacifiers are nice too, but "if you want to spoil your baby a ridiculous amount," ask for the diamond-encrusted model. "It's probably one of the most expensive baby accessories out there," said Trendhunter.

Bruno Hairy Football

(Facebook/Leather Head Sports)

Leather Head Sports, the company that proved weekend warriors wanted a better football, pushes its aesthetic to the limit with a brindle-haired model. Like the others, it looks great on display but is built for easy throwing.

Wall of Sound 2.0


The world's biggest iPod dock, this 392-pound speaker stands over three feet tall and pumps out 8,000 watts. Its volume-control knob turns up to 11, but a small monkey head nearby warns you, with glaring red eyes, if you're putting your hearing at risk.

DJI Phantom


This addictive remote-controlled drone was designed to carry a video camera aloft. Easy setup makes piloting almost foolproof: If you lose control, the drone will use GPS to stabilize and make a gentle landing right at your feet.