If the nonstop barrage of advertisements and promotional tie-ins didn't tip you off already, there's a little movie called The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hitting theaters on Friday.

But anyone who can't stand the wait any longer can burn a little time by taking a look at the lighter side of the franchise. Unfortunately, the feature-length parody The Starving Games is a lazy (and dismally reviewed) attempt at a Hunger Games parody. That's no reason, however, to give up; if you spend a little time hunting, there are plenty of good spoofs of the dystopian teen franchise to be found — and we've collected some of the best for your perusal.

In honor of Catching Fire's release, watch 11 of the funniest Hunger Games parodies on the internet:

1. Sesame Street creates the Hungry Games
In recent years, Sesame Street has often turned to sketches that have an extra satirical edge for adults, and this Hunger Games parody is one of its best yet. The Hungry Games offers a kid-friendly take on Catching Fire, with Cookie Monster as Cookieness Evereat. Fortunately, this riff leaves out the Capitol's must gruesome tricks — the Hungry Games's harshest form of torture is tickle gas.

2. The Hunger Games press conference
When Jennifer Lawrence hosted SNL in January, the writers couldn't pass up the chance to parody the franchise with a sketch starring Katniss herself. During the press conference — which takes place 10 minutes after the first Games — Panem's journalists ask the exhausted victors hard-hitting questions about Seneca's beard and the kind of food they'll be served at the event.

3. The Hunger Deans
Known for its pop culture references, Community started its fourth season with the Hunger Deans, a competition for a spot in Greendale's most popular elective course: The History of Ice Cream.

4. The Hunger Pains
The book trailer for the Harvard Lampoon's satirical send-up of Suzanne Collins's original novel is a hilarious short film in its own right, with Reno 911's Thomas Lennon as Haymitch and Lily Tomlin as Katniss's mother.

5. Lego Hunger Games
With fan-created Lego parodies of modern pop-culture staples like Breaking Bad already in existence, it was only a matter of time before a Hunger Games version arrived. Fortunately, it was worth the wait: This Lego-fied version of the Hunger Games trailer is almost more compelling than the original.

6. The Hunger Games board game for tween girls
With this pitch for The Hunger Games as a game you can play at home, any tween can get into all the fun of the original competition — with key dating tips from Haymitch and Cinna's makeup boutique included.

8. The Hunger Games reporter
The Hunger Games has proven to be very fertile ground for Saturday Night Live. In this 2012 sketch, host Sofia Vergara plays an overeager reporter on site at the Games.

9. The Hunger Games: San Diego
In this two-part video series, Funny or Die re-imagines the competition as a Real World–esque MTV reality show, replete with all the trumped-up teen drama you'd expect.

10. Second City's Lana Del Rey mash-up
Musical parodies of The Hunger Games abound, but Second City's Lana Del Rey–inspired parody is arguably the best. The notorious Chicago comedy troupe rewrites Del Rey's "Video Games" with The Hunger Games in mind. Fans of the novels will enjoy references to specific details in the book, like President Snow's signature rose scent.

11. Katniss goes corporate
What can surviving two Hunger Games competitions do for your résumé? After returning from the Arena a second time, Katniss takes on a more traditional job.