Asking you to choose between potatoes and sweet potatoes would be like asking you to choose between chocolate and vanilla ice cream, mozzarella and ricotta cheese, or pumpkin and pecan pie. There's no right answer and luckily, it's not a decision you have to make.

But if we did, hypothetically speaking, have to pick either potatoes or sweet potatoes to take to a desert island, we just might bring along the sweet potatoes. Don't get us wrong: We love potatoes. We love them so much we're devoting an entire contest to them. But could you happily eat potatoes for every meal (including dessert)? We didn't think so.

These sweet potato recipes will you get through breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, and, since it's fall, they'll get you feeling all cute and seasonal, too. Long live the sweet potato! But don't take away the mashed potatoes quite yet, either.

Sweet potato and cilantro quesadilla with fried egg + cumin oil by CarolineWright

Roy Finamore's sweet potato-cornmeal sandwich loaf
by Nicholas

Sweet potato biscuit pillows with honey and coconut oil
by TheWimpyVegetarian

Sweet potato chana masala
by MrsWheelBarrow

Mashed maple chipotle sweet potatoes
by ashleyza

Sweet potato, radicchio, + tomato hash with harissa hollandaise
by CarolineWright

Yes-we-can-have-sweet potatoes-for-dinner salad
by Nicholas

Carrot, sweet potato, and red lentil soup with Moroccan flavors
by Burnt Offerings

Shepherd's pie with sweet potatoes
by Merrill Stubbs

Farro with roasted sweet potato, kale and pomegranate seeds
by Ann S

Smoky black bean and sweet potato chili
by Gena Hamshaw

Ciabatta stuffing with chorizo, sweet Potato, and mushrooms
by melissav

Sweet potato parsnip latkes with feta and leeks
by deensiebat

Photos by James Ransom, Caroline Wright, and Sarah Shatz

This article originally appeared on 13 seasonal sweet potato recipes to eat all day long.

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