Fans of Adult Swim's surrealist sketch comedy show, Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, have come to expect the unexpected from Tim Heidecker. Whether he's starring in a jarring drama ironically called The Comedy, or writing an entire album of songs about drinking his own urine (we're not joking), one of Heidecker's greatest strengths is straddling the line between seriousness and downright silliness.

Heidecker's latest musical project is no exception. Some Things Never Stay The Same, the comedian's second album with Tim & Eric instrumentalist Gavin Wood under the moniker Heidecker & Wood, has the uncanny ability to channel '70s soft rock with equal parts earnestness and parody. Heidecker recently caught up with The Week via email to recommend some of his favorite songs by the singer-songwriters he both loves and loves to make fun of. Here, six of his favorites:

1. Randy Newman, "A Wedding In Cherokee County"
"This is a perfect example of a song being beautiful, creepy, and sad all at the same time. The unreliable narrator seems like he's just married into a lifetime of shit."

2. Bruce Springsteen, "Racing In The Street"
"Probably The Boss's best song. Another sad one about young men figuring out what you can really expect from life. Forget your dreams. "

3. Richard & Linda Thompson, "When I Get To The Border"
"Play this very loud. I like the outlaw songs but most of them sound phony. This sounds like it really happened to the dude. It's so clean and dry-sounding. It's straight reporting."

4. Warren Zevon, "Desperados Under the Eaves"
"Massive. Like Aaron Copland! Those strings, the band, the backing vocals. This is brash, bold, sad shit. It's dark L.A. They should play this after Clippers games. Poor, drunk Warren. "

5. The Band, "Whispering Pines"
"Pretty and heartbreaking song from my favorite band. Richard Manuel just cuts right through."

6. Harry Nilsson, "Don't Forget Me"
"Another sad one. I guess I shouldn't make this list on a bleary fall morning. I like the circular vibe of this song; it could play on a loop all day and I don't think I'd mind. I hear Randy Newman's influence all comes full circle! We've found six really sad white guys laying it all out there in the '70s!"

Some Things Never Stay The Same is out now.

(This interview was condensed and edited by Samantha Rollins.)

Watch the video for Heidecker & Wood's single "Getaway Man" below:

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