Raise your hand if you've ever had an unpleasant experience with oatmeal. Yeah, we thought so. Even the staunchest oatmeal advocates have encountered gloopy, bland, oddly textured oatmeal that looks like an alien life form. The culprits can be hotel breakfasts, school cafeterias, or even your great-aunt Edna's Sunday brunch. Unpleasant oatmeal can strike anywhere, anytime — but never again in your own kitchen.

Let's give oatmeal its due, shall we? This nutritious staple is chock-full of complex carbohydrates, fiber, and deliciousness. In short — you should be eating more of it. And not just for breakfast (though there's nothing wrong with that...): Oats in ice cream! Oats in risotto! Oats on pizza! That last one was a joke. But it does give us some ideas.

Celebrate oatmeal in all its nutty, chewy, whole-grain glory. Because oatmeal deserves the best, and so do you.

Oatmeal ice cream with toasted walnuts by darksideofthespoon

Maple oatmeal princess coffee cake by hardlikearmour

Oatmeal and lavender shortbread by QueenSashy

Heidi Swanson's blueberry baked oatmeal by Nicholas

Oatmeal cookies by Mr_Vittles

Oats and quinoa breakfast bars by CravingSomethingHealthy

Oat risotto with peas by mrslarkin

Chocolate oatmeal cookies by Amanda Hesser

Maple and brown sugar cookies by lara@goodcookdoris

Cavatelli on asiago oat crumbs by QueenSashy

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