1. Animals Doing People Things
This is a perfect Tumblr.


2. Yeezus leaked
Inadvertent Chicken Soup for the Soul contributor Kanye West's new album leaked on the innanetz Friday afternoon, a few days before its official June 18 release. What does it sound like? Try guttural rap sprinkled with "Dope Show"-era Marilyn Manson and late '80s Chicago acid house — an oddly perfect mish-mash for an artist as wrought with complexity as 'Ye. Go find it and listen to it.

3. "Get Lucky" in different eras
Instead of remixing Daft Punk's "Get Lucky", a YouTube artist named PV Nova imagined what the track would sound like through every major musical era dating back to the 1920s. Personal favorites: The swing-dancing '50s and the nod to Billy Idol in the '80s. (Via Slate)

4. Foursquare Time Machine
Foursquare users will enjoy this interactive graph that takes you on a hyperactive stroll down memory lane, beginning with your very first check-in. (Mine was at a camera store that's now closed.) It's very well-done and unexpectedly sentimental, especially if visualized data is the kind of thing that makes you giddy.

5. The Seinfeld theme like you've never heard it
What if the Seinfeld theme were slowed down 1,200 percent? Answer: It would sound dark and moody. Like a Yeezus B-side. (Via AV Club)

6. The only Game of Thrones training montage you need to see
If you're still reeling from this season's gleeful bloodshed, perhaps this '80s-inspired supercut of Jon Snow training will cure what ails you. (Via BuzzFeed)

7. A faster way to fold your shirts (Via Imgur)

8. Sebastian De La Cruz nails the national anthem. Twice.
Earlier this week, the guy from Hootie and the Blowfish failed to show up to sing the national anthem during Game 3 of the NBA Finals. As a last minute replacement, San Antonio called up one Sebastian De La Cruz, a pint-sized mariachi singer, to belt "The Star-Spangled Banner."

He nailed it.

Unfortunately, a bunch of boneheads on Twitter took offense to the fact that De La Cruz — an American citizen, it should be noted — had brown skin and was singing the national anthem in mariachi garb.

Undeterred by the haters — and showing remarkable poise for a kid his age — De La Cruz was invited back by San Antonio to sing the anthem for Game 4. Again, he wowed.

Brush 'em off, kid.