Tomorrow's Man of Steel, which reboots Superman for a new generation of filmgoers, is getting decidedly mixed reviews. But if the latest take on Superman isn't your thing, never fear: There are plenty of other ways to experience the Big Blue Boy Scout that might be more to your liking. Since Superman was created in 1933, he's appeared in countless comics, radio plays, film serials, movies, TV shows, and video games — each of which offer its own unique take on the beloved superhero.

Want a glimpse of just how far Superman has come? This tribute by YouTube user VoidKnightsc — which is set to John Williams' instantly recognizable "Superman Theme" — features more than 30 recent cultural depictions of Superman in film, television, and video games, beginning with 1978's Christopher Reeve-starring Superman and ending with Man of Steel. Watch as Kal-El grows up, masters his powers, squares off against Lex Luthor, and courts Lois Lane by taking a quick trip through Superman history. It's the perfect way to pay tribute to the Man of Steel's past before you catch his latest adventure in theaters.