1. Miguel dabbles in professional wrestling
R&B's boy wonder is usually pretty charming with the ladies, which is why his ill-advised leap across the stage at the Billboard Awards earlier this week was so, well, unexpected.

The best part? He didn't miss a note. (Via Deadspin)

2. This smiling Chihuahua is creeping me out
"Hey guys." (Via Imgur)

3. Ken Cosgrove dances to Daft Punk's "Get Lucky"
Mad Men's aspiring wordsmith isn't known for cutting a rug, which is probably a result of being stuck in the wrong decade. Check it out: Cosgroove.ytmnd.com

4. Could the Fast Five safe heist happen in real life?
Vulture asked a patient physicist to explain whether the explosive car chase punctuating the greatest movie of all time was theoretically possible.

Short answer: No. But the whole thing is still worth reading. (Via Vulture)

5. Bored girl plays Van Halen's "Eruption" like it's no big deal
Watch this (H/T Sam Rollins):

This is what I imagine the ensuing conversation to be:

Cool Dad: "That rocked, honey!"
Bored Girl: "Whatever. Can I go now?"
Cool Dad: "You're going to be famous on the YouTube! Holy crap! What if Eddie sees it?"
Bored Girl: "Can I go? Harry Styles is doing a Reddit AMA at 1."
Cool Dad: "Who?"
Bored Girl: "DAAAAAAAD."
Cool Dad: <shoots her the heavy metal fingers>
Bored Girl: "UGH."

6. Win of the Week: "Reddit Users Attempt to Shame Sikh Woman, Get Righteously Schooled"
Per Jezebel:

A Reddit user going by the handle "european_douchebag" posted a surreptitious photo of a Sikh woman with the caption "i'm not sure what to conclude from this." The user's apparent confusion stems from the fact that the woman — bound by her religion not to cut her hair or alter her body — has an abundance of dark, untrimmed facial hair. The mind of european_douchebag was SO INCREDIBLY BLOWN by the fact that women have hair on their bodies — and, yes, faces — and that some women are bold, self-assured, and pious enough not to cave to western beauty standards (and gender expectations), there was nothing for him to do but post her photo online and wait for the abuse to flood in.

But then something totally lovely and unexpected happened. The woman in the photo responded. [Jezebel]

7. Lucille Bluth vs. Disney Princesses
Annie Barrett at EW spliced together a bunch of Vines pitting Snow White, Cinderella, and the rest of the Disney sisterhood against Arrested Development's fourth-funniest character.

8. Cat of the Week
Everybody put your hands together for Psycho, this week's winner. He/she enjoys partaking in staring contests with wildlife. GOULET. (Thanks, Deb!)

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