1. Things that exist
Have you heard the one about the cat in a shark costume riding a Roomba and playing with a baby duck, with a dog that's also dressed like a shark? Well, it's not a joke — it's a real thing. (Via CBS)

2. Best satirical news story of the week
"Man Says 'F**k It,' Eats Lunch at 10:58 a.m," which also happens to be the title of my forthcoming memoir. (Via The Onion)

3. NASA drew something weird on Mars...
One of the space agency's rovers left some curious-looking treads on the Red Planet's surface. Make of it what you will. (Via BetaBeat)

4. "Get Lucky" gets dubbed over
You've probably already heard Daft Punk's phenomenal new disco track. And if you thought, "What this song really needs is an unplugged guitar and a bunch of bros who can't sing," then this cover is for you.

5. Cell division
"Science." (Via G+)

6. A noble service
The Huffington Post's Twitter feed knows a thing or two about crafting a tantalizing headline, but the contents of the story are often, well, underwhelming. Enter @HuffPoSpoilers and its simple mission: "I give in to @HuffingtonPost click-bait so you don't have to."

7. The coolest baseball GIF ever
Rangers pitching phenom Yu Darvish is very good at making batters confused. (Via Reddit)

8. Cat of the Week
Everyone tip your hats to Maeby from Queens, this week's empirically dope feline. She's still in her awkward, broody cat phase. (Thanks, Jamie!)

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