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Last week's question: A new airline, Samoa Air, is charging passengers by their weight; the CEO claims this is "the concept of the future" since heavier passengers use more fuel. Please come up with the next innovative way for airlines to get more money out of customers.



THE WINNER: Install subway straps and charge extra for seats
Pam Barlow, Pequannock, N.J.

SECOND PLACE: Safe-landing fee
Mark Stine, Lake Orion, Mich.

THIRD PLACE: Turn passengers upside down and shake them
Alan Parven, Commerce Township, Mich.

Allow free cellphone use, then charge huge fees for sound-canceling earphones
Carla E Holtz, Stanardsville, Va.

Sell your lost luggage back to you. After all, finders keepers...
Jaime LaMere, Torrington, Conn.

Coin operated oxygen masks
Jeffrey Heady, Louisville

In-flight casino
Ujjal Kohli, Saratoga, Calif.

Pay per breath, with optional frequent breather program
David Scott, Del Mar, Calif.

Per minute fee for using the bathroom
Brian Lexvold, Highlands Ranch, Colo.

Coin-operated window shades (pay per view)
Paul Witte, New Hope, Pa.

Pregnant women count as two passengers
Greig Fields, Katonah, N.Y.

Charge per individual ice cube in drinks
Ken Kellam III, Dallas

Add a charge to call the flight attendant
Raven Deerwater, Mendocino, Calif.

Window slide fee
Jim McMullan, Wofford Heights, Calif.

Fee for using overhead storage bin
Kenneth R. Updegrove, Cedaredge, Colo.

Per-minute reading light charge
Joseph Smith, Huntersville, N.C.

Overhead compartment now sold as sleeping cabin
Greg Hinson, Scranton, Pa.

Extra fee for a seat in a child-free section
Sarah Johnsen, Hartford, Wis.

Charge tuition for in-flight safety instructions
Cheryl Coyle, Lebanon, Pa.

Reclining seat fee
John Crouse, Bethel, Conn.

Purchase the right to un-recline the seat in front of you.
Tyson Mohr, Bloomington, Ill.

All carry on money will be subject to a 20 percent boarding fee
William D. Pezzulich, Tampa

Emotional baggage fee
Michael Egan, Cincinnati

De-planing fee
Jim Ridge, Spring Green, Wis.

Sell souvenir passenger security-screening photos
Molly Tessler, Ardsley, N.Y.

Cut the pretense and just rob passengers at gunpoint
Diane Hoover, Mukilteo, Wash.