The trailer: In a summer when superheroes like Superman and Wolverine are scheduled for big-screen outings, some lesser-known comic heroes are getting their own film. In 2 Guns, adapted from Steven Grant's graphic novel of the same name, Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg team up for a blood-and-bullets action blockbuster. The actors play two deeply embedded undercover agents who rob a bank together without knowing that the other man is also on the side of the law. When the money they steal disappears, they're forced to work together to find out what happened. Though Washington's character insists that the two agents are only "working in the same vicinity," it's clear that the main draw here is the Washington/Wahlberg pairing, which unites two of America's most popular and bankable action stars for the first time. Does 2 Guns come out with guns blazing, or is this trailer firing blanks?

The reaction: 2 Guns "looks determined to bring this kind of buddy-cop actioner back into style, says Jordan DeSaulnier at I Am Rogue — and "luckily, it looks like both Washington and Wahlberg are having a good time." Yes, says James White at Empire Online, "this actually looks like it could be a lot of fun. Wahlberg and Washington have an easy, if itchy, chemistry, and there are some chuckle-worthy moments" in the trailer. It's definitely a relief to see some solid action and comedy, says Sean O'Connell at Cinema Blend, but let's be honest: "Charismatic Wahlberg and smooth-as-silk Washington make a tremendous pair, and audiences will happily line up and fork over their $15 to watch these two in just about anything."