1. Katharine McPhee reportedly thinks Smash is 'a sinking ship'
If you're one of the many who have transitioned from hate-watching NBC's Smash to not-watching NBC's Smash, you're in good company: Star Katharine McPhee is reportedly doing everything she can to distance herself from the "sinking ship" of a show, now in its second season. "She refuses to do any interviews pertaining to Smash now," says a source at the New York Daily News. "She knows it was a failure, and she doesn't want her name linked to it, because nothing she has done has been a big hit" — adds the source, clearly overlooking McPhee's star-making supporting turn in the movie Shark Night 3D. The source also says McPhee is upset that Smash costar Megan Hilty released a full album before McPhee had her own album ready — which could easily fit as a storyline in the show's third season, if McPhee weren't already jumping ship.

2. Isla Fisher admits her and Sacha Baron Cohen's relationship is odd
"It's definitely not a normal relationship," reveals Fisher in an interview at Express — perhaps unsurprisingly, since her husband spends a significant amount of his time pretending to be a gay Austrian fashion journalist. Fisher adds that Cohen's guerilla filmmaking style has resulted in "surreal conversations": "How many people are suing us? Are you wanted in any states? Are you alive?" But despite the stresses of Cohen's unusual way of working, Fisher assures us that she and Cohen are happily "concentrating on family life" — unless, of course, Cohen is just deeply in character as a wacky husband who's concentrating on family life. 

3. Justin Bieber walks through Polish airport shirtless
In a move sure to delight his legions of Beliebers — and horrify Olivia Wilde — Justin Bieber recently wandered through an airport without a shirt on, in accordance with his overall recent commitment to being as "rebellious" as any other whiny, self-absorbed teenager. E! Online reports that the pop star "also let his pants sag, revealing several inches of his white underwear" as he wandered through the airport in Lodz, Poland — which is, admittedly, an efficient — if unusual — way of dealing with airport security.

4. Mr. Feeny will appear in Girl Meets World
It was equally impressive and creepy that Mr. Feeny remained so dedicated to Cory and Topanga's education on '90s sitcom Boy Meets World, where the wise teacher literally followed the lead characters from grade school to college. But though Boy Meets World went off the air more than a decade ago, Mr. Feeny still hasn't managed to find anything else do with his time: According to TV Line, actor William Daniels is set to reprise the role "in a classroom setting" in Disney Channel's upcoming spin-off Girl Meets World. Further details on the character's story arc weren't available, but it's safe to assume that the series will gloss right over his continued, obsessive stalking of the Matthews family. 

5. That stolen Breaking Bad script is still missing
The world has two kinds of people: Those who have never watched Breaking Bad, and those who are constantly bugging those who have never watched Breaking Bad to start watching Breaking Bad. For the first time ever, everyone runs the risk of having the upcoming final season of the show spoiled: A script that was stolen from lead actor Bryan Cranston in December still hasn't been recovered. "We don't know if it was one scene or the whole season," said a Sheriff's Department spokesman at E! Online, adding that they respect that the show's production team is "trying to keep tight wraps on this final season and how it is going to end." Until the script is recovered, spoiler-averse fans are advised to stay away from the internet and walk around with their fingers in their ears.