The film: The release of any new film directed by the Coen brothers is a reason for cinephiles to sit up and pay attention — and now that the trailer for their upcoming Inside Llewyn Davis has finally been released, fans can get their first glimpse at the brothers' first project since 2010's Oscar-nominated True Grit. (Watch the trailer below.) The film, which follows an aspiring folk musician as he navigates Greenwich Village in the 1960s, has earned attention for its unique subject matter and sprawling cast, which includes Carey Mulligan, John Goodman, Justin Timberlake, and F. Murray Abraham. Does the Inside Llewyn Davis trailer live up to the sky-high expectations? Judge for yourself:

The reaction: "The biggest surprise for me in this trailer is just how melancholy it seems," says David Haglund at Slate. From the muted color palette to the use of Bob Dylan's glum "Farewell," Inside Llewyn Davis looks like "a very downbeat take on the early Greenwich Village folk scene." Yes, it's a bleak trailer, but it's also "pretty damn great," says Kevin Jagenauth at Indiewire. There's an "authentic, lived-in vibe to the Greenwich Village scenes," and the film's sprawling ensemble offers a glimpse at stellar-looking performances from actors like Oscar Isaac, John Goodman, and Carey Mulligan. "Is this our first look at one of the 2014 Oscar frontrunners?" asks Mike Sampson at ScreenCrush. Analyze this trailer all you want, but "if you love the Coen Brothers and love movies, you'll be excited for this without any hard sell."