In Back to the Future, Doc Brown builds a time machine by inventing a flux capacitor that powers a time-cruising DeLorean DMC-12 sports car. And ever since the film came out in 1985, the DeLorean has had a cult following, with many fans daydreaming about some awfully impressive ways to improve the sports car. From hovercrafts to monster-trucks, take a look at some of the most out-there ideas: 

1. The DeLorean hovercraft: Spotted by a YouTube user, this modified DeLorean was converted into a hovercraft. Yes, it actually floats on water while you cruise around. Unfortunately it can't take you back to the future. It is, however, still really, really cool. 

2. The DeLorean taxi: Imagine hailing this baby for a quick jaunt across town. This DeLorean taxi, which doesn't actually exist, was the winner of a design competition held by New York- based fashion company, Nooka.

(Photo:Mike Lubrano)

3. The electric DeLorean: Where this DeLorean is going, it doesn't need gas. DeLorean Motor Company Inc. and Epic Electric Vehicles teamed up to create an all-electric vehicle, called DMCEV. DeLorean plans to make it available in the U.S. this year.


4. The golden DeLorean: In 1979, the DeLorean Motor Company teamed up with American Express to create a special Christmas offer for its gold card members. And thus, the 24-karat gold-plated DeLorean was born. They planned to sell 100 of these puppies for a cool $85,000 each. In the end, only two were sold.

(Wikimedia Commons: Lvtalon)

5. The DeLorean monster-truck: This DeLorean really doesn't need roads. Rich Weissensel, a DeLorean enthusiast, mounted the body of a 1981 DeLorean on top of a 1970 Chevrolet K5 Blazer, and voila, the world's only DeLorean monster-truck. 

6. The DeLorean cop car: YouTube user delorean00 was "just bored and thought it would look cool," so he (or she) decided to transform this DeLorean into a cop car by setting a federal signal jet stream light bar on the roof. 

7. The DeLorean trailer: Just in case you pick up some extra luggage while traveling back to the future… someone created this DeLorean trailer out of the most obvious choice — the back end of another DeLorean. 

(Facebook/Pacific Northwest DeLorean Club)