1. @SeinfeldToday
This parody account imagines what Seinfeld episodes would be like if they happened in 2012. (Via Twitter)

Kramer accidentally restarts the Occupy movement. Jerry's new girlfriend (Emily Mortimer) watches Fox News. George offends a black coworker.

— Modern Seinfeld (@SeinfeldToday) December 11, 2012

2. The rise of the Ikea Monkey
Ikea is known for lots of things. Cheap coffee tables. Colorful showrooms. Swedish meatballs. But monkeys, especially monkeys wearing stylish coats, don't typically come to mind. The friendly primate was recently found lurking in the parking lot of an Ikea in Toronto, quickly stealing the internet's heart and spawning dozens of memes in the process. This is the one we liked best. (Via Buzzfeed, Facebook)


3. Boy splashes in puddle. Dog waits.
Sometimes you just have to get your feet wet. 10/10 on the adorable scale. (Via Huffington Post)

4. Homer becomes a hipster
Sunday's episode of The Simpsons saw Springfield transformed into a twee paradise à la Portland and Brooklyn. (Via Tumblr)

5. Dogs in space
This near-perfect Tumblr combines a few of the internet's favorite things. Namely: Dogs, outer-space, and lasers. 


6. The Huffington Post publishes the best article ever
Arianna Huffington's news monster accidentally publishes what's apparently a test article populated by dummy text (hipster ipsum) with a preponderance of trendy references (gastropub, kale chips, forage). The post has since been taken down, but luckily we grabbed a screen shot.


7. Cat(s) of the week
Two feline pals hug one another, concluding what's been a pretty rough week. (Via Imgur)