1. Courtney Love "not amused" by Paul McCartney-led Nirvana
When Paul McCartney stepped in for the late Kurt Cobain to lead the surviving members of Nirvana in a song at last night's 12-12-12 Sandy benefit concert — briefly forming a supergroup with enough talent to rival even the Traveling Wilburys — beautiful music was made, critics applauded, and donations poured in. Everyone was happy — everyone, that is, except Courtney Love. Cobain's widow was "not amused" by McCartney's involvement, reports TMZ, though she thinks "if John [Lennon] were alive it would be cool." Shockingly, Love had no comment whatsoever on Ringo Starr.

2. One Direction won't go solo
When Barbara Walters compiled her list of 2012's most fascinating people, she decided that the five members of British boy band One Direction qualified for a single spot on the list — and based on their interview with Walters on Wednesday, it looks like One Direction's members will remain one allegedly fascinating unit for the foreseeable future. The band's members were originally solo acts cut from the U.K. reality series X Factor, and were later "formed into One Direction," like so many mounds of clay, by Simon Cowell's hands. Now, none of the boys is interested in going solo again, reports MTV News. "I think it would be wrong to look at [One Direction] thinking, 'When is this going to end?'" says band member Louis Tomlinson, which is nevertheless exactly what I've been doing since the band debuted. 

3. Lindsay Lohan's storage locker to be auctioned off
Another day, another problem for Lindsay Lohan, whose storage locker is on the verge of being sold at auction due to a reported $16,000 in unpaid debts. The locker contains "designer clothes, family heirlooms, and potentially embarrassing items," says The Huffington Post. One possible upside: A crossover with A&E's Storage Wars, which would be all but guaranteed to be more interesting than Liz & Dick

4. Judd Apatow and Ben Stiller once planned a Rolling Stones movie
The geriatric rockers in The Rolling Stones showed that they could still put on a show at last night's 12-12-12 concert — but can they act? In 1993, Judd Apatow and Ben Stiller approached the band about starring in a Hard Day's Night-esque movie that would have seen the group splitting their time between performing songs and acting out a scripted story, says Slashfilm. Though the Stones reportedly approved the script, the writing duo couldn't get no satisfaction from Universal, which shelved the project.

5. Harry Styles buys Taylor Swift 23 cupcakes for her birthday
Pop star Taylor Swift turned 23 today, and alleged boyfriend Harry Styles found a unique way to help her celebrate in style: 23 gourmet cupcakes, reports E! Online. The box apparently contained some unusual flavors, including a bubble gum cupcake with a bubble gum center, which happens to sound exactly like a metaphor Taylor Swift would use in a song.