1. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John release Christmas duet
For decades, Grease fans have wondered what happened to Danny and Sandy after their car inexplicably ascended into the sky — but they may be disappointed by the answer. Hollywood Life offers a strangely low-budget music video for John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John's new, Christmas-themed collaboration "I Think You Might Like It" — which has currently received 651 "dislikes" on YouTube, so let's hope it's not too late for a title change. 

2. Anne Hathaway "would love" to star in a Catwoman film
Director Christopher Nolan has repeatedly and emphatically stated that The Dark Knight Rises would be his last visit to Gotham City — but Anne Hathaway, who played Catwoman in the film, sounds keen to change his mind. "I would love it," says Hathaway in an interview quoted at Entertainment Weekly, adding that she misses playing the character so much that it "makes [her] cry." Coincidentally, 2004's Halle Berry-starring Catwoman, a notorious bomb, triggered plenty of tears among Batman fans and Hollywood executives alike. 

3. Johnny Carson helped destroy the fruitcake industry, says fruitcake executive
Christmas fruitcake jokes are as proud a tradition in America as baseball and apple pie — but it wasn't always this way, complains Dale Parker, vice president of the company that makes Claxton Fruit Cakes. Until comedians like Johnny Carson made the disgusting holiday staple a national punch line "in the '60s," Parker tells The Washington Post, "it was different. Fruitcake was respected."

4. PSY selects Afrojack to create only official "Gangnam Style" remix
For anyone whose appetite for "Gangnam Style" hasn't been sated by the thousands of YouTube covers and remixes, PSY has a special treat: An official "Gangnam Style" remix by DJ Afrojack, due for release next week. Afrojack tells Billboard that the "clubbier" remix will have people performing PSY's crazy dance for a full "eight minutes," because the biggest problem with "Gangnam Style" is that it's too short.

5. CBS executive says Two and a Half Men star Angus T. Jones is "piece of cake" compared to Charlie Sheen
Angus T. Jones recently made headlines when he dismissed his sitcom Two and a Half Men as "filth," but CBS executive Les Moonves says that that the half-man is still a "piece of cake" compared to former series star, Charlie Sheen. According to Access Hollywood, Moonves also confirmed that Jones — in a rare and shocking example of Hollywood hypocrisy — continues to collect his $300,000-per-week paycheck despite his apparent loathing of the series.