How do you know when you're really in a rough spot? When Mel Gibson offers to help you out of it. Reliable train wreck Lindsay Lohan, who was recently panned for her leading role as Elizabeth Taylor in TV movie Liz & Dick, was just arrested for allegedly punching a woman in the face — and the IRS has seized her assets. What do you do after such a bad couple of weeks? Seek solace from a similarly troubled celebrity like Gibson — or, perhaps, from one of the many other celebrities and organizations that have offered you aid over the years. Who else has reached out to Lohan? The answers may surprise you:

1. Mel Gibson
If Gibson makes good on his offer to lend Lohan a sympathetic ear, it wouldn't be the first time; the actor says he has already reached out to the young actress before — although whatever advice he might have shared doesn't seem to have worked. Let's hope it does this time around. 

2. Charlie Sheen
One of Lohan's biggest problems right now is her massive debt to the IRS, which claims that she owes nearly $250,000 in unpaid taxes from 2009 and 2010. But $100,000 of that debt was reportedly paid off by fellow tabloid staple Charlie Sheen, who became friends with Lohan when the two appeared in the upcoming Scary Movie 5.

3. Goodyear Tire Company
When Lohan was involved in yet another driving-related mishap in June, Goodyear Tire Company offered assistance in the form of free driving lessons. "We're concerned for your safety and the safety of those who hit the road," said the company in a letter to Lohan. Aren't we all.

4. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
When Lohan attended the pricey Betty Ford Center for court-ordered rehab in 2010, PETA offered her a deal: Go vegan, and we'll chip in $10,000, with an additional $10,000 if she remained vegan for a year. Lohan reportedly "seriously considered the offer" before turning it down.

5. Warren Beatty
Warren Beatty hasn't starred in a film since 2001's flop Town & Country, but the actor came up with a way to revive both Lohan's career and his own in 2009: Co-starring in a movie as father and daughter. Beatty reportedly even wanted Lohan to move into his house during filming in order to ensure that she would stay on her best behavior. The film never happened.

6. Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp owns an island in the Caribbean, which he uses as a private getaway when media scrutiny gets too intense. In 2008, he sympathetically opened his doors to Lohan, offering her a trip whenever she needed a break from the tabloid press. Depp "can see Lindsay could do with a break," said a source at the time. For Lohan's sake, let's hope the offer is still open.

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