After Barack Obama was elected in 2008, a number of American women named their newborn babies Barack and Michelle. And the trend didn't stop at America's borders. In Kenya, where Obama's father was born and raised, at least 43 children born at the Nyanza Provincial Hospital in Kisumu — where some of Obama's relatives still live — were named after the Obamas in the days after the 2008 race. This time around, in the wake of the president defeating Mitt Romney to win re-election, 20-year-old Kenyan woman Millicent Owuor, who just gave birth to twin boys, has taken things to a new bipartisan level by naming her newborns Barack and Mitt. She reportedly named the twins after the presidential race's winner and loser "in order to remember the day of the vote." Well, while most people want to put this election behind them, Owuor will surely "be reminded of the presidential campaign for the rest of her life," says Margaret Minnicks at The Examiner. But after all the fighting during the campaign, little Barack and Mitt will have to "learn to play nice," says Rheana Murray at the New York Daily News. "After all, they're brothers."