As Hurricane Sandy assaulted New York City with pelting rain and lashing winds, a camera atop Northside Piers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, chronicled the monster storm's descent on Manhattan. The video, posted by YouTube user SMvideochan, "is the best angle and longest exposure we've yet seen of Sandy's full impact," says Jalopnik. As a result, it's easy to pinpoint the exact moment (at 1:03 of the video) when most of Manhattan loses power. "It's eerie watching such a monstrous storm come and go in just two minutes," says Carmel Lobello at Death & Taxes. This "very apocalyptic" video makes me feel lucky to be sitting at home in Brooklyn with working electricity and internet, says Alexis Swerdloff at Paper Magazine. "I'm sending good vibes across the river, especially to the elderly and disabled people who are without power." Take a look: