For YouTube singers hoping to make it big, being dubbed "the next Rebecca Black" is a mixed blessing. Ever since Black, a California teen, earned Twitter-fueled success along with widespread contempt with her moronic but catchy music video for "Friday" in 2011, bloggers have sought the next "so bad it's good" song poised for YouTube infamy. (Watch Black's "Friday" below.) The latest candidate is NYC-based songstress Gnesa with her "unwatchable and completely mesmerizing" video for "Wilder." Meet Gnesa and 4 other singers who've been helpfully tarred with the "next Rebecca Black" label:

1. "Wilder" — Gnesa
The music video for "Wilder" — which has been called "9000 times worse than Rebecca Black" — opens on an extreme close-up of Gnesa as she air-kisses the camera. "I don't want to be moved by my feelings, I just want to follow the evening," she goes on to sing as she dances in an empty white room. (via Jezebel)

 2. "Hot Problems" — Double Take
Teen girl duo Double Take scored its own widely-maligned viral hit in April with "Hot Problems," a musical ode to the difficulties of being young and attractive. "Hot girls, we're just like you, we have problems too — except we're hot," the immodest teens sing from the backseat of a limousine in the video, which has earned over 15 million views. (via Hollywood Life)

 3. "Pound on my Muffin" — Shira feat. Asco
Rebecca Black's "Friday" was an innocent (if incompetent) slice of radio-friendly pop, but Shira's equally painful "Pound on my Muffin" is strictly for grown-ups. "I'm a very freaky girl, I don't give it up for nothing'" raps Shira in the risque video which, as one astute YouTube commenter notes, actually features cupcakes, not muffins. (via Buzzfeed)

 4. "Girl Swag" — Madison Bray
When "Friday" became an unexpected viral sensation for Los Angeles-based vanity production company Ark Music Factory, its masterminds tried to repeat their success with other underage aspiring pop stars, including the even more youthful Madison Bray. "I know you people watching me just saying, 'She's just nine years old,'" sings Bray, as she dances with fellow preteens on the bleachers at a baseball field. (via Crushable)

5. "Hot Stuff" — Lexi Sullivan
In the video for "Hot Stuff" — which is not a cover of the Donna Summer hit — fellow Ark Music alumna Lexi Sullivan chronicles her love-hate relationship with a smug, pint-sized bully, though she finds the wherewithal to shrug him off with a "Please, whatever" by the song's end. (via The Hollywood Gossip)

Watch Rebecca Black's "Friday":